5 Web Design Trends that Dominated 2017

Design trends only seem to get better and better from one year to the next. 2017 is no exception and we’ve come across some that are just as interesting are they are functional. In most cases, it’s all about aesthetics and getting visitors to come back for more. Here are five recurring trends we’ve seen all across the web.


It seems that everybody and their mothers are using parallax these days. What could possibly be so appealing about it? Well, by its very definition parallax is the effect where an object appears to have a different perspective when viewed at different positions. It’s the thing that makes it look like an image is scrolling down its height as you scroll down the page, but it also comes in many other forms. Let’s see it live in action:


We’ve started to see a shift in simpler design over the past couple of years. It’s that minimalistic wave that’s constantly reminding us that the future is simple. While that is the way we envision what’s to come, we can simply look to our browsers to grasp it. Most people aren’t quite ready to go full-blown minimalist by choosing a solid colour background just yet, but they’ll usually opt for a gradient. Below is an example of this at its finest:

Video Backgrounds

Attention spans are slowly declining as we move from one generation to the next. People are less inclined to read blocks of text and more accustomed to watching a videos that are straight to the point. One of the best ways to quickly peak an individual’s interest is to throw a video their way. Forget about those lousy 2000 and late image banners and replace them with an eye-catching video. It’ll be the center of attention and the first thing anyone sees on the homepage. See how one individual used this to their advantage by clicking the linked image below:

Unconventional Menus

When we think about a site’s navigation and the way it’s supposed to look, the first thing that comes to mind is a neatly arranged horizontal row of menu items where ‘Home’ is most likely one them. Apart from that, we usually reserve it for the very top of the website. Nowadays, designers are breaking free from these conventions and switching up the game. How are they doing it you ask? Well, let’s see…

Interactive Animations

It’s all in the details, and people are taking this to heart when it comes to building a site. From quirky little animations that show up when you hover over an object or scroll through a page, there’s nothing that’s out of reach when it comes to improving user experience engagement. While it might require a bit of effort to build, it’s well worth it in the end. Check out some interesting little bits we discovered on sites demonstrating this trend:

There’s no limit to how far we can go in terms of design, and 2017 is a testament to that. From color patterns, to animations and videos, there’s an untapped potential that’s waiting to take hold. Here’s to 2018 and the exciting new trends that come with it!

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